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• Misdemeanors
• Domestic Violence
• Traffic

First, please talk to a criminal attorney in Cleveland before you tell your story to the police.

Even well intentioned people make mistakes and end up on the wrong side of the law. Often you didn’t mean any harm, but you can receive a citation anyway. Maybe while driving your vehicle skids on black ice and strikes the vehicle in the next lane.

Maybe your dog’s barking is really getting on the neighbor’s nerves and that neighbor decides to call the police instead of talking to you. Or maybe you thought your kids were studying at the library, not drinking alcohol and getting rowdy at the neighbor’s house when no one was home.

You know that drinking and driving is not a good idea, but after you’ve had a few you think that you are in total control and that it’s fine to drive home. Suddenly you are in a situation you never intended to happen, and you did not mean to cause anyone harm. When the police get involved, you need to at least seek the advice of an attorney, preferably before you talk to the police.

If you are stopped while driving under the influence,
seek the advice of a criminal lawyer before you talk to the police

Do you need an attorney for every speeding ticket? It depends. How many speeding tickets do you have? How important is it that you not get any points on your license? If you’re 50 and this is your first ticket you may not need an attorney. If you’re 22 and this is your third ticket you probably should have a lawyer.

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Each town or village may have its own court, and some cities have municipal courts that may serve several communities. Each city has its own police department and prosecutors. Each court processes cases a little differently. Having an attorney can cut down on waiting time and confusion. Hiring an attorney signals to the court that you take the matter seriously and that may have an impact on the outcome of the case.