Alimony Lawyer


Alimony, which is referred to today as “spousal support,” is intended to help you catch up financially following a separation or divorce. When issued, it can aid you financially in obtaining training and education to advance your career, and in providing financial support for everyday needs such as food and groceries.

It can also help make up for the fact that you were not earning an income for many years or that you chose a career that paid less but allowed you more flexibility to attend to the needs of your young children. Today a large disparity remains between what the law says and how courts are addressing cases involving spousal support. Because of this disparity, it is vital to have the assistance of an alimony lawyer when seeking spousal support.

Legally there are 15 different factors within the Ohio Revised Code (the laws and rules governing Ohio) that the court should take into consideration when determining whether spousal support will be granted. These factors include the duration of the marriage, the earning capacity of the parties, whether one party left the workplace to care for children, the mental abilities of the parties and more.

Traditionally, the court will grant one year of spousal support for every three to five years of marriage. However, some courts will seek to equalize income. Unfortunately, the court does not always fully take into account the circumstances specific to your individual situation. This is where an alimony lawyer will help you and make sure your side of the story is not only heard, but also argued effectively.

An alimony lawyer can help men and women alike. Each domestic relations or family court in Ohio will handle this kind of case differently, and the value of having an alimony lawyer with experience in spousal support cases and intimate knowledge of the operation of a particular court cannot be overstated.